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Nicola Bensemann

0800 Hungry Ministries Trust is an Incorporated Charitable Trust and Registered with Inland Revenue as having Tax Donor Status.

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0800 Hungry Ministries Trust is governed by a three member Board of Trustees, two of whom have served on the Board since the establishment of the Food Bank.  Nicola was appointed as a Trustee at a Board meeting on the 21st October 2015

The Trustees are:

Kerry Bensemann, Founder                     (click here for background)

Robert Marchand, Chairman                    (click here for background

Nicola Bensemann, Trustee                                  

                                                             (click here for background)

two of whom serve without financial compensation.


Our Volunteers:

Without whom 0800 Hungry could not function. There are around 20 dedicated volunteers who give unselfishly of their time to ensure the food parcels are ready for distribution. 0800 is also blessed by large teams who come in one week a month from the Reform Churches and Gospel Way Outreach. There are other youth groups who visit on a less frequent basis and weekly visits by students from Ferndale School and the Helen Anderson Trust.

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0800 Hungry Ministries Trust strives to keep all operating costs to a minimum so as to maximise your donation dollar. This ensures that for size and contribution to the community, 0800 Hungry will continue to be the most effective and efficient food handling and distribution model operating.

Annual Operating Budget (to be updated)

Warehouse Rental
Vehicle Operating Expenses
Maintenance & Servicing

*$15,787.42 per month

0800 Hungry Ministries Trust undergoes an annual audit carried out by an independent auditor. This audit is in accordance with New Zealand Auditing Standards.

A copy of the audited annual accounts is available upon request.